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Meet the METECC team

The METECC partnership of Peter and Sharon Metcalfe began in June 2005, building on decades of knowledge and experience. Today, it is one of the leading test houses in the country, offering an unique blend of personal service and technical aptitude.


Peter Metcalfe

Peter Metcalfe

Armed with the results from your test session, Peter uses his unrivalled knowledge to offer solutions to your EMC problems.

Peter is an Honours graduate in electronics and has over thirty years' lecturing experience in analogue and digital electronics and communications systems. He has been a qualified, active Radio Amateur for over forty years, with all the RFI experience this entails. He was responsible for the design, construction and management of the Sussex Euro Compliance Group facility.

Peter has over twenty years' experience of  EMC testing and providing consultancy and training for many companies from multi-nationals to sole traders. He is a member of EMCTLA, EMCIA and sat on ETSI Technical Group 17.


Sharon Metcalfe

Sharon Metcalfe

Sharon is an Honours graduate in physics and mathematics, and has over twenty years' teaching experience.

She has extensive experience of developing and presenting courses. She has been a qualified Radio Amateur since 1981 and is the author of numerous articles in the specialist press.

Sharon is also a qualified clarinet teacher and member of the Brighton Festival Chorus.


James Harris

James Harris

A rising star in the EMC firmament, James is very experienced in RF design and development. With almost ten years experience in the EMC industry, working alongside METECC on numerous projects.

James is a skilled graduate in Broadcast Engineering with many years experience in associated industry. Another of his many skills is managing a Lighting, Sound and Vision equipment hire company, James Harris Hire.

A keen radio amateur, he has also mastered the dark arts of re-instating magic smoke!


Kat Metcalfe

Kat Metcalfe

Having lived in an EMC household for many years, Kat has taken on the role of PR and logistics for METECC sponsorship and EMC events.

Kat is an Honours graduate in Broadcasting with over ten years’ Production Management, Broadcast Media and Practical Events experience.

A keen musician, artist and shopper. You may also have caught one of her fleeting appearances on live television, in a rare in-front of camera foray!

Stressed out after EMC testing?

Why not do as we do and chill out on Herm Island.


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